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3 Useful Tips For Driving In Heavy Rain

Posted on : March 28, 2017

If you live somewhere where rain can feel like a downpour, learning to drive safely during adverse conditions can be a matter of life and death. Statistics from the National Weather Service and Federal Highway Administration highlight the type of danger we face when we’re driving through heavy rain. Here are some tips to ensure you get home safely. 

Know Where You’re Going

It can be hard enough to avoid car accidents when you find yourself lost, scouting for street signs you recognize or landmarks you remember from the last time you were in the area. That undue stress can require a ton of your attention. Add in heavy rain to the equation and you’re in for a dangerous ride. Make sure you understand the route to your destination before you get behind the wheel. 

Drive a Clean Car

Another thing to make sure of before you set off for your destination in pouring rain is the cleanliness of your windows. Make sure all of your windows are clear of dirt, grime and anything else that can obstruct your view by smudging over the window. Also make sure your wipers are in good, working condition. You never know when you’ll need them.

Keep Your High Beams Off

When you feel like you can barely see in front of you or want some added visibility, it can be tempting to turn your high beams on. Conventional thinking would have you believe that more light means more visibility. Fact is, high beams reflect off of the water and can distract the drivers around you, creating a recipe for disaster.  


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