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Tips to Keep Your Boat Safe During a Storm

Posted on : October 4, 2018

Preparing for a storm or a hurricane is never an easy thing to do. The farther head you plan, the better prepared and calm you can be when a storm rolls around. Many people leave the important tasks on their to-do list for last minute, and this can cause avoidable issues down the line.

When it comes to boat safety, there are a number of things to do and things to do avoid. Although boats are meant to be used, and even stored, in water, it isn’t always smart to leave them in a dock due to storm surge, heavy rain and winds. The following are a few tips to get a head start on storm preparation and make sure your boat is safe during and after the storm.

Tips to follow:

Tip #1: Anchor down your boat:
Storing your boat ashore? Strapping it down securely is a good way to make sure your boat will remain safe through wind gusts and reduce the chances of it getting blown over. The best method is to strap the boat down to an anchor on the ground with a rope with little to no stretch.

Tip #2: Tall pilings vs. short pilings:
Marinas with floating docks and tall pilings tend to be a better option than short pilings since short pilings are more likely to be affected by heavy storm surge. Floating docks are also more like to rise and fall with the surge. If your boat is located in a dock with shorter pilings, you may want to think about relocating it until the storm passes.

Tip #3: Store on high ground:
If you are looking to relocate your boat or are unsure as to what to do, your best bet is to store it ashore on high ground. Smaller boats are more like to be affected by rain when stored in the water and even when stored ashore on low ground due to high levels of flooding.

Tip #4: Plan ahead:
It goes without saying that the best thing to do to prepare for a hurricane or storm is to have an action-plan in advanced. When you know what steps you need to take ahead of an upcoming storm, the entire process becomes easier. Always weigh out your options with a marina and ask about their hurricane plans in order to make the best decision when the time comes!

There are just a few tips to follow in order to keep your boat safe, always make sure to research the best options for your location, boat size, and storm conditions!

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