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Wellness Tips Wednesday: Happy Feet

Posted on : June 21, 2017



Sometimes our feet take the brunt of the activity that we pursue on a daily basis. So, how do we give back to the limbs that take us places? They aren’t overly needy for attention but taking care of them sure pays off.

We have a few feet friendly tips that you could use to ensure that your feet get the TLC that it deserves.

Foot Pain

If you ever have a terrible ache in your feet, the solution is very simple: a water bottle. Just freeze a bottle of water and when it’s nice and icy-solid, sit down and place the bottle on the floor in front of you. Roll your feet over the bottle while concentrating on the places that are really aching.

Foot Odor

We are familiar with the musky smell that occurs from time to time. It could be from favoring a pair of shoes and not allowing it to air out properly once in a while or it could be a condition that causes your feet to give off that odor. Whatever it may be, the solution is as easy as rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Whenever you notice that you’re having an odor issue, just dampen a cotton ball with the alcohol and rub the soles of your feet with it.


This little advice is super easy. We all have those long nights where we just want to come home and hop into bed but wait a minute! Make sure you take the time to wash away the grime from your feet from the day. You may think that your sock and shoes prevent your foot from accumulating too much muck but there is still the buildup of sweat. If you have been wearing open-toed shoes, there is probably dirt and such all over your feet. Give them a quick wash and dry before retiring to bed.


A common mistake that occurs is the way people tend to clip their nails. Trimming your toenails is a must. Don’t allow them to grow to a crazy length because that could cause issues down the road. When cutting your toenails, make sure you are vigilant about cutting straight across and not cutting the corners into a slant. By cutting the nails into a slant, you would be encouraging ingrown nails to occur and those are rather painful.

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