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4 Types of Accident Causing Shoes

Posted on : June 22, 2017

We wear shoes every day to protect our feet from injury. Shoes are meant to be worn for protection, but there are many styles that are very dangerous. By avoiding these styles you can reduce your chance of having a slip or fall occur. Here are 4 types of accident causing shoes.

Flip Flops

In Florida, flip flops are a favorite among many. Flip flops offer room for your feet to breathe, tan, and move without feeling confined. Flip flops are very loose and do not hold your foot like most shoes do. When walking in flip flops, you will find yourself curling your toes to hold onto the shoe. Without curling your toes, the shoe will easily slip off. 

Most flip flops are made of a light foam material that is prone to slipping. If the foam becomes wet it will not grasp the floor like it should. Running in flip flops is very dangerous and will result in an accident.

High Heels

The second dangerous style of shoes is high heels. These shoes are popularly worn to work, formal events, or even just a regular outing. Heels are mainly worn for style and offer little support to your foot. They come in all different heights, which can make it harder to keep your balance. Heels offer little flexibility to the foot, which increases your chance of falling


Wedges come in a variety of different styles. Much like heels, wedges are elevated and give the foot little flexibility. It is common for people who wear wedges to twist their ankle if they step down a certain way. Wedges prevent your foot from moving in a natural way that makes it easier to walk. Be aware that wedges can become very slippery if you are walking on a wet surface.

Peep Toe 

Peep toe shoes have an opening near the front of the shoe to expose your front toes. It’s common for those who wear peep toe shoes to be involved in a slip and fall accident. Since peep toe shoes have an opening in the front, your foot is more vulnerable to slide around the shoe. All it takes is for you to step a certain way and you can lose your balance. 

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