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What Are The Major Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

Posted on : October 12, 2021

The automobile industry has evolved in recent years with the rise of electric vehicles. These cars don’t use gasoline in comparison to traditional cars, instead, they are fueled by electricity. While electric vehicles have been around for a while, they’ve started to make major strides in the last decade. Tesla has emerged as a trailblazer in popularizing the electric vehicle, and traditional car companies from Chevrolet to Ford have started to release their own electric vehicles.

Just like anything in life, there are pros and cons to owning an electric vehicle. According to EV-Volumes, in 2018, electric vehicle sales accounted for 2.1% of the overall vehicle market in the U.S., steadily growing from 0.1% in 2011. This number is expected to climb over the years as more companies expand their electric vehicle lineup and the cost of producing these vehicles declines.

Now that you have a little background on electric vehicles, here are some of the benefits of owning one:

Save on Gas

One of the most obvious benefits of an electric vehicle is all the money you’ll be saving on gas! While gas prices can fluctuate based on various market conditions, electric vehicles bypass this entirely by running solely on electricity. This benefit becomes even stronger if you have access to solar polar charging. Additionally, many highway rest-stops have special charging areas for your electric vehicle, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about your electric vehicle’s range when traveling long distances.

Environmental Impact

Another clear benefit to owning an electric vehicle is the reduction in environmental impact compared to traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles help reduce CO2 emissions by running solely on electricity. Solar power comes into play with this benefit, as it provides an additional environmentally friendly way to fuel your vehicle without relying on a fuel source that has high emissions. Many sources of electricity have lower levels of pollution, giving you the peace of mind that you’re helping the world around us with your electric vehicle purchase.


One advantage of electric vehicles that can be easily overlooked is their performance boosts. Electric vehicles are typically lighter than traditional vehicles due to the fact that they forgo the car engine in favor of an electric motor. This means that electric vehicles have quick and responsive acceleration. Regenerative braking is another performance edge that electric vehicles have over traditional vehicles. This works by providing the vehicle’s electric motor with extra energy whenever you hit the brakes.


The benefit of electric vehicles lies in the savings over time because they do not have a traditional vehicle engine. Electric motors typically require less maintenance, as they have less parts than a regular motor. Not having to worry about trips to the mechanic for an oil change is a nice bonus as well. Since you’ll generally have less maintenance done on your vehicle, this means your maintenance record is less of an issue when selling down the road. The main worry when it comes to wear and tear on an electric vehicle comes in the form of its battery.

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