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What Happened to Toll Booths ?

Posted on : May 20, 2013

What Happened to Toll Booths?

As technology moves forward we drift away from traditional payment methods. Cash is estimated to disappear completely by 2020. Credit cards and other forms of traditional payments follow. Toll collectors will go too. We’ll probably switch to an all-electronic system. Toll plazas will be completely removed and replaced by open road tolling. This system will probably reduce traffic jams and prevent car accidents.
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It’s all about finding an efficient and modern transportation system.  Instead of toll plazas, we’ll have sensors and cameras to keep the traffic moving. These high resolution cameras are made for long distance license plate reading. In order for the plate to be more visible some of the light is blocked. The system will probably ease traffic congestion and get you to work on time.  Switching to the new system will probably be very expensive. It will take quite a while since many states still lack funds. States like Florida and Georgia have already successfully implemented the new payment method. Georgia, for example, only has one toll road in the whole state. Remember after an accident, call 911 then 411 PAIN.

The sad thing about switching to an all electronic system it’s that 80 to 90 percent of all toll collection jobs will completely disappear leaving thousands of people nationwide unemployed. The average hourly wages of a toll worker in some states is as high as $33. Collecting money in this economy is not as easy as it seems. Some of these employees have been retained in back office systems or trained for new positions while others still remain unemployed  forcing them to go back to school.

Many tolls are already collecting electronically or through toll plate. Traffic flows better and accidents are less frequent. The truth is nobody likes stopping on their way to an important event to pay a dollar or running into an accident while waiting in line. 

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