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What is a Repetitive Strain Injury?

Posted on : August 8, 2017

If you work behind a computer you may think little of getting injured on the job. You carefully sit in your desk chair for hours on end typing away till it’s time to clock out. Since you are not doing much activity behind the computer, the only workplace accident you can imagine happening is slipping on a puddle in the office kitchen. Though slip and fall accidents do account for a large number of workplace accidents, so do repetitive strain injuries, also known as RSI. So what is a repetitive strain injury? 

Repetitive Strain Injury Breakdown

RSI is a common workplace injury that occurs from repetitive and forceful movement over a long period of time. When an individual performs constant activity it can cause damage to tendons, muscles, and nerves of the hands, neck, shoulders, or even forearm. This injury causes severe pain, numbness, and can even impair motor control. 

Activities like typing or clicking a mouse for hours everyday can lead to an injury. Even if an individual has poor posture while sitting in a chair they can experience a repetitive strain injury. Performing repetitious movement everyday can cause wear and tear interior muscles. The first sign of RSI is pain and soreness when typing, sitting, or clicking your mouse. 

Can I Prevent RSI?

Yes, repetitive strain injuries are preventable. Not all individuals who work behind a computer all day experience injury. If you fear that you may fall victim to RSI, here are a few simple tips to follow while your at work.

  • Maintain a good posture (feet flat on the floor and sit up straight)

  • Proper Typing Technique (Keep wrists straight, don’t rest wrists on the desk while typing, and don’t strain your fingers)

  • Take breaks

  • Stretch your wrists, arms, and shoulders throughout the day

If you experience any of the symptoms of RSI, visit a doctor to get properly diagnosed. This injury can range from minimal to severe depending on the length of time you have been performing repetitious movement. Many RSI diagnosis are in those who have been working behind a computer for ten years or more.

Receiving Workers Compensation for RSI

RSI can be considered a workplace injury because it occurs in the workplace. Often times, repetitive stress injuries can prevent individuals from typing because of how much pain they are in. This limits their ability to do their job or get hired for another job. Once you have been diagnosed with RSI by a medical doctor, you must file the proper paperwork with your employer. Do not assume that you cannot receive compensation because RSI is not a slip and fall injury. You can also contact a personal injury attorney if  you are having trouble receiving workers compensation. They will help guide you towards receiving the compensation you deserve for your inability to work, pain, and medical bills.

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