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What Pedestrians Should do After Being Hit by Car

Posted on : January 12, 2021

Most times when we think about car accidents, we picture two vehicles involved in a collision. However, pedestrian accidents are unfortunately very common and have been on a rise these past few years. There were 6,590 pedestrians killed on U.S. roads in 2019; the highest number since 1988. With the number of cars on the roads drastically increasing every year, and the amount of distractions drivers face while behind the wheel, pedestrians face many dangers. 

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s annual pedestrian traffic report, possible factors that led to the increase of pedestrian deaths from auto accidents include:

  • Increased exposure to traffic
  • Poor city design
  • Unsafe driving behaviors
  • Increased presence of sport utility vehicles (SUVs)

What to Do If You’ve Been Hit 

Pedestrian accidents can be a serious case. If you’re traveling by foot, follow these steps to ensure your safety. 

  • If possible, move out of the street and into a safe area.
    Move to the nearest sidewalk or shoulder, away from moving vehicles. Try to remain calm so you can better assess the situation.
  • Call the police.
    Dial 911 immediately after the accident. Police records will help your case with insurance or legal claims.
  • Gather witnesses at the scene of the accident.
    Witnesses are a crucial element to a possible legal case. Ask any witnesses to stay so they can provide their contact information and account of the accident to the police. The testimony of an eyewitness can greatly strengthen your case and help the deciding party determine who is at fault for the accident. Read our blog on what to ask witnesses after being involved in an accident.
  • Seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
    911 will most likely show up with an ambulance to get you checked out following the accident. Whether you think you are injured or not, it is always smart for a doctor or EMT to look you over to ensure nothing is wrong internally. 
  • Open an insurance claim.
    Contact the driver’s insurance company to open a claim. Do not offer more information beyond the fact that you are a pedestrian that was hit by the driver, the date of the accident, and the location of the accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer before providing any further information.

Filing a Claim

If a pedestrian is hit by a car, the driver of the car is usually considered to be at fault, even if the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk. Most states’ negligence and traffic laws require drivers to be alert to what is around them and to pay attention to hazards in the road.

However, drivers are not always at fault. A pedestrian is responsible for providing the same caution and awareness that a driver is expected to execute while on the road. If the pedestrian was not paying attention, or using common sense while crossing the road, then their case may face different circumstances. 

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