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What To Do When You Get In Accident Abroad?

Posted on : June 14, 2018

If you’re planning on going on a little getaway from your home, you might consider going out of the country. I mean, who wouldn’t? What’s the best way to run away and fly off to a different continent? There’s a lot of attributes you must consider: your location, your hotel, if you need a car, and if you want to invest in travel insurance. The question is, what happens if you get into an accident abroad — will your insurance cover your expenses or do you have to invest in insurance elsewhere?

Before you start driving abroad, check to see if your car insurance covers you in the countries you are visiting. If not, some travel insurance or credit card companies can help assist your needs. You can also investigate local insurance companies in the country of your stay and see if they offer insurances for visitors.

So what happens when you get in an accident abroad?

Go through the normal procedures (take notes, get photographs, take names and addresses). If you’re driving Europe you might receive a European Accident Statement at the scene. This is an agreement of what happened in the accident that can help with your claim. So it might be smart to ask for a copy.

Contact your insurer as soon as possible. Most companies have a time limit to report an accident. If you do not call within a specific time limit, you may not receive aid. If you get in an accident with a rental vehicle, make sure you contact the company as soon as possible. They may be able to provide a number for you to issue the claim. Make time to write a full report about the accident for the company to approve any repairs.

If you get injured, your insurance may help you with the medical expenses — even travel insurance can aid you in that sense. On the other hand, if you want to make a personal injury claim — seek legal advice. It’s difficult to issue a claim abroad. In conclusion, inform your insurance companies that you are vacationing out of the country. Understand what they can cover when an accident presents itself. Hold on to all important legal papers with you always and numbers you would need. Also, take time to learn a bit of the language (if you don’t already) in order to understand and communicate with the locals when needed.

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