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What To Know As A Disabled Driver

Posted on : March 15, 2017

Anyone disabled can tell you how it affects his or her ability to drive, especially in the mobile world we live in today. Lucky enough, we also live in a world where automated inventions are invented daily. Almost any task a person can do, there’s a gadget that can do it as well. Despite how practical the advances are, they have proven to enhance the lives of those who require assistance. Many stories have begun to surface about how technology has increased various disabled drivers quality of life. These assistive inventions are being used more now then ever. The roads are becoming more user friendly. In addition, the US Department of Transportation has acknowledged disabled drivers, and what they need to know to stay safe on the road.

Adapted Automobiles

Automobiles can legally be adapted for all physical conditions. The installations are endless and fit all road conditions. From foot pedals being raised, or replaced with hand-controls, most needs can be met. These vehicles break down into two groups: first genre, vehicles that provide an external source of power to activate existing controls. The second include vehicles that need OEM components to be altered to the vehicles control system. In addition, there are some of the exclusive devices such as “Swivel seats”, which is a seat that aids drivers from transferring from their wheelchair to the center section of a van to the driver position. In addition, there’s also the “Turny/Turny Orbit” which is a seat that rotates out of the vehicle, and lowers toward the ground eliminating the motion needed to climb into higher vehicles.

What to look for
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided some tips that should be considered when purchasing a vehicle. This should ensure you make an educated decision when buying the proper automobile that fits you. Some features you need might stand out but other features are important to keep in mind. Here the National Highway Traffic Safety recommendations:

➢ High or extra wide doors
➢ Adjustable foot pedals
➢ Large interior door handles
➢ Oversize knobs and clearly visible labels
➢ Support handles to assist entry and exit
➢ Adjustable print for dashboard gauges
➢ Seat adjusters; move seats in all directions
➢ Dashboard-mounted ignition

It is important for disabled drivers to understand their options when it comes to adaptive products. Everyone can use one of the different adapted devices everyday. Find the right device and one you feel comfortable with handling everyday.

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