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What To Look Out For At The Beach This Summer

Posted on : May 31, 2018

Summer is upon us! The kids are out of school and the sun is out (hopefully it is for South Florida). Even if it isn’t, a little rain never scares beach-goers away! In Florida, people tend to enjoy the beach-regardless. Before you take a drive to the boardwalk or grab your boards to do a little surfing, remember to think of yourself and your safety. We want to remind you of the safety hazards you may face when you’re walking around the coast.

Flags: Obviously, flags help you with warning signs. These flags are located near the lifeguard posts. If you don’t know what the ocean is like, then you can always look out for the colors of the flags. The different colors will establish the state of the waters-even tell you when sea life close by.

  • Green: low hazard, calm conditions
  • Yellow: medium hazards, moderate surf/currents
  • Red: high currents
  • Purple: dangerous sea life

Sea life: When the purple flag is up, the lifeguard is stating that marine life is within proximity of the shore. You may be able to see fishes, sharks or even stingrays. That may be cool, but at times it can be a hazard. You may find a mesmerizing bubble in the sand. Kids may want to touch it or they might not acknowledge it when they are running around. Be aware of your surroundings – especially when it’s close to seaweed in order to prevent a sting.

Slip and Fall: If you’re walking on the boardwalk you may come into contact of excess water from other beachgoers as they try to leave – especially near the showers. Most of the time, these showers are surrounded by sand to prevent slip and falls, yet a person still has to be careful. Watch your step in places that are exposed to these puddles. If you are with children, make sure to hold their hand or remind them of rules to prevent a fall.

Liter: We know in summer, it’s time to relax. When barbecue calls, it’s a party. Many people do beach clean ups for a reason – there’s lots of litter. People may bring bottles of soda and beer or leave trash. Sometimes, even trash cans build up and the wind pushes some of that garbage on the beach! That’s not pleasing. Pieces of glass maybe hidden in the sand as you walk on the beach. If you can tell that there was an event or an area where wasn’t clean, watch your step. No one wants to feel a sharp object on their foot.

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