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What’s New With Distracted Driving

Posted on : March 19, 2019

Have you ever distracted yourself while driving? This can be because you’re snacking on food, putting on makeup, or taking a car selfie. We know that lighting is perfect, but when you are in an accident remember, “don’t go towards the light.”

Believe it or not — about 6,000 people die from distracted driving every year. And over 200,000 are injured from fatal crashes. What’s the number one cause of distracted driving?  Our phones.

It is not hard to believe that majority of people state, “my phone is my life.” With everything accessible with just the touch of our fingers, it’s easy to keep our heads down rather than to keep them up and alert. Not only is texting a HUGE factor, but social media influence is right on its tail. Facebook and Twitter are easy to scroll through while stuck in traffic. However, Snapchat and Instagram has created a space where anything can go viral by posting a video. If you haven’t done it, you probably have seen it. People record themselves jamming in the car or recording while they are stuck in traffic to vent. “Do it for the ‘gram,” right? You won’t be saying that after you get into an accident or receive an injury that will cost you way more than all those likes are worth!

So before you hit the road, make sure you have created your best playlist, your eyeliner is on fleek, and take a selfie before you hit the road (or after – just as long as it is not while you’re driving). Keep the videos on pause till you have reached your destination and keep your eyes ahead. Don’t risk your life for the likes.

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