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Road Disasters Recap

Posted on : March 21, 2019

Accidents don’t pick and choose who to impact; it affects everyone from the A-listers to the police. There is no escaping reckless behavior. Before you get into your car, make sure you’re in the right mindset and remind yourself to keep your full attention on the road. Here is a road recap to remind you that accidents happen every single day.

Tesla Takes A Toll

            When you think of a Tesla, what is your favorite feature it offers? It’s a nice sleek high-tech vehicle that keeps you safe with it’s automatic driving and object sensors. It can also park itself, right? Correct! But just like high-tech gadgets, they don’t work they way you want them to work sometimes. In Danville, California, a 92-year-old man was trying to park in front of a sushi restaurant but confused the brake and the accelerator. He pushed the wrong pedal and crashed it into the restaurant. Fortunately, no one was hurt or injured. You can’t trust technology to do the dirty work for you, can you now?

DUIs Taken Seriously

You know, police can’t run from the law either. A police officer was arrested in Memphis on March 7th after a car crash in Collierville. He was swerving on a side road until he crashed into the pole. When the Memphis police came to his rescue, they saw him unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. He couldn’t even remember how his truck hit the pole. The police officer was arrested for reckless driving and is suspended from the police force until further notice.

A Soldier Who Couldn’t Make It Home

Trishtan Creamer was on leave when he planned to visit his wife in Kissimmee, Florida. This 20-year-old soldier was placed in South Korea, and missed the feeling of home. Unfortunately, on March 5th, while Creamer was driving home through Georgia, he was driven off the road which caused his vehicle to roll over and his body was thrown 90 feet in the air from the crash site. He died on the scene. The authorities are investigating on the reason as to why this occurred. Still, it’s upsetting to think this soldier couldn’t make it home to see his wife.

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