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When to Consider Purchasing a Car for Your Teen

Posted on : January 28, 2020

Teenagers come in all different levels of maturity. Near the end of their teenage years is a time when they may often complain about wanting the freedom to drive and gain freedom and responsibility. It’s always important to keep in mind that if they want freedom, they must prove responsibility. Here are some things to consider before giving your teen a car:


License: Does your teen know how to drive? Before granting them the car to practice on, it’s important they study for their written tests, as well as taking lessons from you or a school teacher on the basics of driving.


Need or want? Is the car your teen is hoping for an essential or is it a desire? Does your teen have access to public transit? Do you trust them with your car? Can they ride a bicycle/skateboard? These are all important factors to consider before granting your teen with a car of their own.


Responsibility: Is your teen responsible otherwise? Give your teen some test tasks. Does your teen understand the size of the car? Does your teen know about oil changes/windshield wiper checks? Make sure to inform your teen on the essential information on the car’s maintenance and its dimensions. 


Personal opinion: Do you trust your teen behind the wheel without you in the car? Along with the previous points, it’s important to think your teen is ready for their own car. After all, no one knows a child better than their own parents. 

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