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Workout Wednesday: Exercises for Knee Pain

Posted on : April 26, 2017

The knees are truly important and we know it with every step that we take. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep those knees active even through the pain.


Of course, check with your doctor to make sure that you are in the right condition to take part in these exercises (or any exercise for that matter).


Side-Lying Leg Lifts

Lie on your right side with legs straight, while you support your head with your right arm. Keep the left leg flexed and the body straight, life the leg to approximately shoulder length and then lower it. Try to do at least 3 reps of 10-15. Repeat this process while lying on your left side.


Use a chair, wall bar or if you have stairs at home then hold on to the banister when doing this exercise. While holding on to the banister, hang the heels off of the edge of the stair. While balancing on the front of the foot, raise the heel as high as your body can tolerate. Then lower the heel back to the edge of the stair. You may do three reps of 10-15.

Wall Squats

This exercise should be performed with caution because of its level of difficulty. First, stand with your back against a wall. Bend the knees while keeping the back pressed against the wall. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat and try to hold this position for a longer amount of time. If knee discomfort occurs then adjust the feet to a more comfortable position.

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