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3 Tips for Senior Citizens to Avoid Slip and Fall

Posted on : April 24, 2017

Aging can feel like a scary process. For many, simple tasks can become challenging, especially as a litany of chronic conditions require seniors to take pain medications. Pair that with the natural process of aging which can hurt levels of flexibility and coordination and the risk of falling becomes very real with dangerous consequences. Falls are the most common cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for senior citizens. With that in mind, here are 4 tips to help senior citizens avoid a fall.

Ask About Their Latest Eye Checkup

If the senior citizen in your life wears glasses, make sure that their prescription is up to date. Also keep in mind that bifocals can be problematic when walking up and down stairs. Ensure that your loved one has the right glasses on for any given situation and many falls can be avoided.

Check if Walking Aids are Necessary

Poor balance can be a sign that a walking aid like a cane could be helpful and keep your loved one safe. Check to see if they hold on to railings or look for support when standing up or walking. Your loved one may also stand to benefit from physical therapy which can improve flexibility and balance.

Ensure the Senior Citizen’s House is Safe

Simple changes can make a home safer for senior citizens at risk of injuring themselves in a fall. Make sure there is ample lighting at the top and bottom of any set of stairs. Speaking of stairs, make sure there is railing on both sides of the staircase. In bathrooms, the most dangerous part of the house, rest assured that there are grab bars near the shower.

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