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4 Tips for Cycling at Night

Posted on : May 23, 2017

Cycling is a great form of exercise and stress relief that many people prefer over the gym. For those who have a tight schedule, it may be difficult to find time during the daylight hours to ride their bike. Though the temperature is cooler at night, the lack of light can be a serious problem when riding on or alongside roads where drivers may not see you. It is important to follow these four tips to keep yourself safe while cycling at night. 

Use Lights

Though most bikes have reflectors they do not catch a driver’s attention as easily as lights do. The most common attachable lights for bikes are red and blink. These lights catch a driver’s attention more easily so that they are aware you are on the road.

Bright lights are not recommended for cycling at night since they can temporarily blind the driver increasing their chance of hitting you. 

Wear Light Colors

It is never a smart idea to where dark colored clothing while cycling in the dark. This prevents drivers from seeing you since the dark colors mesh together. Always make sure to wear light or bright colors to make yourself more visible to drivers. 

Stay Alert

While cycling you should always be aware of your surroundings. Do not listen to loud music which can prevent you from hearing horns or sirens. Also, never assume that drivers can see you because you have reflectors or lights on your bike. 

Another tip for staying alert at night is by investing in bike mirrors. Theses mirrors allow you to see behind or to the side of you while your cycling.  

Change Your Route

 If your normal route is very dark at night, you should consider riding in a place with more light. Choose a route that has a large amount of street lights and less traffic. Street lights will give you the visibility you need to cycle and get home safely

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