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Foodtastic Friday: Is it Ready Yet?

Posted on : June 23, 2017


We’ve all been there. You know, the feeling of standing in the middle of the produce section of the supermarket trying to decide whether or not to buy that fruit or vegetable.

We did some digging and found some tips that could help you out the next time you find yourself stuck in a bind trying to figure out if it’s ripe and ready.


If you are able to squish into an avocado then that means it may be too ripe. Unless you’re looking to make guacamole, you should be looking for an avocado that has a firmness to it. After a few days, it will ripen to the exact consistency where it isn’t too firm or squishy. There’s also a little button on the end of the avocado. If you scratch it away with a fingernail or knife and you see that it’s an “avocado green” then and it’s ready to be eaten.


You would know if a watermelon is ripe by the sound it makes when you slap or tap on it. If the sound is hollow then it is ready. Also if you see a patch of it that is a different color from the rest of its body then that is the position it was laying in as it grew. If the color of that patch is white, then it’s not ripe. If the patch is yellow then it’s all ready to get cut open.


Mangoes are the fruits of summer. Mangoes can vary in color so using that as a detection system won’t get you very far. Instead, use the feel-test where you gently squeeze it. If it indents easily, then it’s overly ripe. If it’s hard as a rock then it’s not ready yet. Same as an avocado, you may have to let it sit for a few days before you test it again. It will have a pleasant scent and will be a tad bit firm but with a little give to it. That’s when it’s all ready to go.

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