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411 Pain : FHP defends actions during multiple car crash

Posted on : August 21, 2012
At 411 Pain we are continuously informing our readers about auto related incidents occurring on our streets and highways, in order to keep them updated regarding car safety and any change in laws.

A few months ago we reported an accident that occurred on Jan. 29, which involved numerous cars crashing into each other along Interstate 75 near Gainesville due to a mix of fog and smoke. Unfortunately the consequences of this accident were 11 people dying and few dozen sustaining injuries. 

After the incident many questions arouse on who was to blame. As smoke mixed with fog visibility  decreased The Florida Highway Patrol closed the road in order to avoid any disasters. But after they began seeing it clear up, they believed it was safe to reopen.  Many people held the FHP responsible due to their lack of control and poor decision-making. Because of these accusations the Florida Highway Patrol issued a report on August 10th defending its actions taken the day of the fatal crashes; suggesting that irregular weather and drivers mistakes made it unlikely that any amount of planning or procedure could have prevented the deaths. FHP laid significant blame on drivers themselves, not law enforcement.

As many as a dozen victims of the collisions are planning to sue the Florida Highway Patrol and many of the investigations are still pending.

This story demonstrates just how quickly a car accident can occur and how much damage can happen with no warning. As a company dedicated to driver safety, 1-800-411-Pain strongly advises drivers to pay attention when driving and operating a vehicle. Even small distractions can lead to fatal accidents.

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For more of the latest information regarding accident statistics and driver safety, visit www.411Pain-News.com Robert Lewin, owner of 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive, and to always wear a seat belt.

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