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5 Common Road Debris

Posted on : July 25, 2017

Road debris are a large hazard for drivers on the road. As you are driving, you may encounter objects on the road that could possibly damage your vehicle or cause an accident. Debris usually fall off moving vehicles and are left in the road. Here are 5 common road debris that you may encounter on the road.

#1 Tires

The first common road debris you will see is tires. Usually you will see tires that are either blown or shredded due to a tire blowout, which results from improper tire maintenance. When a tire blowout occurs, it will start to break apart leaving debris from the tire. These pieces are left in the road and could possibly damage other vehicles.

#2 Car Parts

The second road debris is car parts. Parts such as bumpers, mufflers, or hubcaps can fall off of vehicles while in motion. Vehicles that received damage from an accident are more likely to have loose parts. Also, if you are driving by a scene of an accident there may be vehicle parts that were not cleaned after the accident occurred. Other car parts you may encounter are glass and front or rear light covers.

#3 Trees or Branches

The third common road debris, especially in Florida, is trees. With Florida’s unpredictable weather, a tree can be struck by lightning or blown over by a huge gust of wind. The tree could then fall in the road blocking the road. Branches are more commonly found in the road due to heavy winds. If you were to drive over a branch you can risk damaging the under body of your vehicle. You may also encounter branches on the road that have fallen off a tree maintenance truck. 

#4 Metal Objects

The fourth common debris is metal objects. These objects can range from a home appliance to a metal door. Often metal objects will have screws that can puncture your tires. If you encounter a metal object on the road big or small, try to avoid hitting it. Metal objects can cause serious damage to your vehicle and increase your chances of an accident.

#5 Various Trash

The fifth and last debris is trash. Various items such as food bags, plastic bottles, or even road kill can cause damage to a vehicle. Many drivers try to avoid any debris they see on the road. Make sure to safely switch lanes and do not stop short to minimize an accident from occurring. 

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