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Common Places for a Car Accident

Posted on : June 20, 2019

Where do you think most car accidents happen? Most people would say highways and main roads by the way rush hour looks. Usually, you pass an accident scene on the way to your destination. However, it has been researched that most accidents occur within a 5 mile radius from home. Don’t know where that could be? Check out these places where accidents are most common.

  1. Stop Signs: Always slow down and come to a complete stop. Many pedestrians and cyclists get hit in these certain areas because drivers forget to check their surroundings. There have been many cases where people get injured at crosswalks. It’s especially important when night falls as it is extremely difficult to spot a person walking or cycling in the dark. When approaching a stop sign, always come to a complete stop and be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Parking Lots: How many times have you seen people back into each other? It happens more often than you think. Parking lots get pretty busy and sometimes people don’t pay attention when backing out of a spot. Here’s a tip: don’t rely on your rearview camera, take the time to actually look back and check your sides when reversing.
  3. Two-Lane Roads: These roads go in the opposite direction, which can be difficult for people in a hurry. Anxious people get themselves into tough situations. When you quickly drive around a car, you might find yourself facing one and end up crashing into each other. Take a deep breath and be patient. If you can’t see what’s coming at you, stay in your lane, and follow the rules of the lines on the road.

Always be cautious when you are on the road and be aware of your surroundings to avoid an accident.

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