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Startup That Improve Safety for Bicyclists

Posted on : June 13, 2019

Bikers should be on the lookout for BikeLite, a company that has built an app and a device to keep cyclists safe on the road. BikeLite’s app and device are still in production but is planning to be published by the end of 2019.

BikeLite is a startup that started in Santiago, Chile – one of the biggest polluted cities in the world. The story began with Ivonne Ramirez who passed away after a bus crashed into her at an intersection. Her best friend, Paulina Barria, did research to help BikeLite create an app that will inform bikers in real-time of dangerous conditions on routes to ensure their safety. For example, if there is construction that is blocking a road, a cyclist can update the app to inform other bikers to avoid that specific area. It will then reroute other bikers to their desired destination.

Not only does this app warn you what’s ahead, but it will also state certain amenities that bikers can use such as repair shops and bike parking.

In addition, BikeLite has created a glove prototype that can be connected with the app via bluetooth. The glove will allow a hands-free navigation experience where it can act as a blinker when they have to turn and alert drivers when they are about to merge. When this glove is connected, it will blink to warn the cyclist that a danger zone is ahead. The crew behind BikeLite is working hard by conducting ample research to figure out which cities have the most accidents. They will input all the information on the app to help cyclists avoid these areas to protect their safety.

Even though this application is still in the works, it’s surely one app a cyclist should look out for.

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