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Black Friday Safety Tips!

Posted on : November 20, 2018

The day is coming! Yes, Thanksgiving – but we are talking about one of the biggest shopping sprees almost every American plans throughout the year (or at least during the holidays). Black Fridays sales have begun already. However, there will be some stores where they push the prices down a little bit more. If you plan on waiting in line or camping out in the snow for the “hottest deals of the year” always remember these tips to keep your credit card and yourself safe from any misbehavior. The prowlers always come out during the holiday season.

  1. If you plan on shopping at graveyard hours, always park where there is light. For your physical safety, some parking lots may have small cracks that may cause you to trip and fall. For your credit card safety, dark areas equals perfect areas for pickpockets and purse snatchers. It is always a good idea to run with a pack. Misery loves company after all.
  2. The holiday cheer may not spread on this day. Fist fights may happen – and you might end up within the surrounding areas of the drama. Big tip: NO GIFT IS WORTH A BRUISE. The discount is not worth your health. When there is a fist fight, it’s always best to step away from the ruckus. However, if something of danger starts turning try to make it a habit to always look for an exit when you enter a mall. Therefore, if anything happens you and your love ones can escape the danger.
  3. Keep your shopping bags hidden! The robbers are not only seeking their victims inside the mall. There will be some scoping the parking lot. If something catches their eye – even if it’s just a bag of house supplies, they will still be curious and break in. Therefore, when you get to your car, examine it before you get close and ALWAYS have your key already at hand. Look at your surroundings and inside your car before you get in to make sure you are safe.

Make sure that your holiday season starts right! So we want you to have fun on your holiday shopping spree but also to be mindful of those that you share the mall with.

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