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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Posted on : December 18, 2018


Keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year. Mom will be cooking, dad will be setting up the lights and the kids — well… their excitement will have them running around the house and setting up traps for Santa Clause. With the hustle and bustle inside a home, it can be difficult to spot anything that can enable a personal injury. So we have decided to list a few tips on creating your home a safe one in order to keep the holidays merry and bright.

Cooking hazards: Many people will be cooking this time of year. And the cook may get distracted with other things than the oven on. When you are cooking, always stay in the kitchen. Keep an eye on the stove once in a while and make sure your smoke detectors are working. Remember, wet toilet helps calm a fire.
Lit Candles: many people decide to light up real candles during this time of year to bring in the scent of the holidays. Know how long you can keep the fire and keep it away from fabric and other objects that can easily catch on fire (such as the tree). If you are a candle lover, we suggest getting battery-operated ones. There won’t be a smell, but your house will be safer and still look homey.
Gift visibility: It is tempting to have the gifts out for picturesque scenery. However, if your gifts can be seen from the outside it is an incentive for burglars. This can be unsafe whether or not you are home. Don’t receive a home intrusion this holiday season by keeping the tree out and keeping the gifts in secret. This will also help the kids wait till Christmas to open the present.

Christmas is around the corner and we want to make sure you and your loved ones merrily and safe. Follow these tips and you can prevent a home wreck or an injury.

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