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Travel Holiday Tips

Posted on : December 20, 2018

It’s that time of year where people travel back home to spend time with their family and hometown friends. Whether it’s by car or by airplane, keep in mind that even though this time is supposed to be joyous, you still have to be cautious of your safety. You may cross a Scrouge while boarding a plane or bump into an unfriendly Grinch while driving on the highway. Here are a couple travel safety tips to make it home for Christmas with the gifts you bought for your loved ones.

  1. Prepare Your Home: The number one to-do on your list is to make sure your home is secured. Make sure all the alarms are working, the locks are intact, and if you have a security system – make sure it’s updated to help you monitor your home. Ask a trusted neighbor to check your home from time to time when you’re away. You can even ask if they can hold your mail for you to avoid any important papers to be taken away.
  2. Updated car system and route in mind: make sure your car is updated with its maintenance and make sure you keep all belongings in the truck and out of sight. You never know who you’ll park next to when you need a pit stop. Also think about the the time of day when you are driving – it’s the busiest time of the year. Map out route and leave early or later than usually to defeat the traffic. Defeating the traffic can save you from a car accident. Let’s be honest, many people will be jamming out to their holiday music in their car.
  3. Make it home with a flight: It is smart to chose wisely which airports are convenient for your traveling. Some airports are consistent with their flights while others can deteriorate over time. Do your research. Know where to stopover and what to avoid. The crowds and weather will make an impact. If anything, contact your airline before you head to the airport. If you contact your airline, they will give you an up-to-date status on your flight – whether it’s delayed or canceled. Beat travelers with this knowledge to avoid any comfortability.

We want everyone to make it home to their holiday parties and their families in the time to celebrate loving companies. So make sure you follow these tips! Oh, and a rule of thumb is to not post your traveling journal until it’s over. This will prevent unwanted strangers.

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