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How To Avoid Office Accidents

Posted on : May 26, 2017

Accidents in the workplace are very common. Depending on the layout of the facility you work in will determine your risk for injury. Check out a few tips on how to avoid the potential for an accident to occur in your office.

Inspect Work Facility Regularly

Something as simple as a loose bolt or a leak in the kitchen can cause an accident. A great idea is to have one or two employees in charge of safety management. These employees should go around the office and check for any areas that are dangerous.

A common place for accidents to occur are in closets, restrooms, kitchens, and desks. All desks with computers should have their wires neatly behind the computer or desk. Wires that are all over the floor increase the chances of someone tripping over them.

Follow a Formal Safety Policy

A smart idea for any business is to create a safety policy for their employees. Make sure this policy states what safety measures are expected of all employees and what they can do to help. This policy will also include what to do if an accident was to occur. The person in charge of all office safety measures should make sure each employee fully understands the policy. 

Use the Right Tools

The company you work for should supply the right tools you need to get the job done. If you need to climb to reach something in a closet or shelf, only do it if a steady ladder is provided. Using objects like rolling desk chairs and garbage cans are not stable. Having the right tools necessary for what you want to accomplish is important to reduce accidents

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