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How to Drive in Miami

Posted on : August 13, 2019

Miami is known for its heavy highway traffic and jammed streets. Many people want to visit the beachy Art-Deco inspired city but are usually hesitant to bring a car or drive at all in the area. 


While on I-95 going northbound, utilize the express lane if you’re a Sunpass holder and/or have a hybrid/electric car. However, be aware that the express lane has few exit opportunities, and it is only best to use when driving long distances. 


When driving in Miami, as with anywhere else, keep your seatbelt fastened- this goes for everyone in the car, and make sure to keep your drivers’ license, proof of insurance and registration with you in the car. As of July 1st, it is now an illegal offense to text or use your phone while driving, so keep this in mind and keep your eyes on the road. With your eyes peeled, you’ll notice the signs posted- follow any and all signs, such as speed limits or school zones. If you follow the rules of the road, you’ll have less anxiety of the busy streets holding an extensive amount of pedestrians. 


The concept of rule-following does not apply to the comfortable locals who understand the ins and outs of the roads they drive on daily. It isn’t uncommon for Miami locals to speed up at a yellow light, or sneak through the just-turned red lights. So, while attempting to follow the rules of the road, try not to cause an accident by braking at a yellow light, or you will risk being rear-ended. In the event that you are in an accident, there may be a language barrier due to the many Spanish speaking residents. Nevertheless, after 911, call 411. 


These easy tips for driving in Miami will keep you safe while cruising through the beachy city. But don’t forget, if you’re in a car accident, after 911, Call Path at 1-800-411-PAIN.

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