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How To Safely Use A Propane Barbecue

Posted on : June 6, 2017

Summer is the perfect time to use your barbecue. Depending on your choice of outdoor grills, you may prefer propane over charcoal barbecues. Though propane grills are a favorite among many, they can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. Here is a step-by-step guide for safely using propane barbecues.  

Step 1: Make Sure the Hose is Secure

Before you start up your barbecue, you must always make sure the hose is secure to both the tank and barbecue. This will prevent any potential leaks. If you do notice any holes in the hose, make sure to buy a new one before using your barbecue. 

Also, make sure to check how much propane left in your tank before moving on to the next step. You can use a gauge that tells you how much is left or use another method. One way to check is based on the weight of the tank. If it’s heavy it most likely has enough gas, if it’s light you may want to get it filled.

Step 2: Turn on the Propane Tank

Next, you want to turn the valve of your propane tank clockwise. Make sure the burners on your barbecue are not turned on. If they are, there could be an explosion which can burn you.

Let the propane flow through the hose to your barbecue before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Turn on Burners

Now that your propane has flowed to your barbecue, it’s time to turn on your burners. When you turn on the burners, you should see a small fire light up on each one. Make sure to keep a good distance from the barbecue while turning them on in case one of the flames gets out of hand.

Step 4: Cook Food

After letting your grill heat up for a bit, it’s time to cook your food. A good idea before turning your grill on is using a small amount of oil on a paper towel to grease your grill. This will prevent your food from sticking. Never use any spray oils on your grill, especially when it’s on.

Once your food is cooked to your liking, you can safely take it off the grills.

Step 5: Turn Off Burners and Tank

Now that your food is cooked, it’s time for the final step. You must turn off your burners before you turn off your propane tank. After all the burners are off, turn the valve of your tank counter clockwise till it’s completely tight. If the valve does not move anymore, your tank it secure and you will not have to worry about gas leaking and causing an explosion

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