Monday Mood Booster: Part 5 - Path 411 Pain

Monday Mood Booster: Part 5

Posted on : June 5, 2017

Once again, on this wonderful Monday we bring you a few tips to help encourage your positivity.

Blast Music

When you begin to feel blue, sometimes it’s best to crank up some music and have a jam session. Being able to unwind with the accompaniment of music is the best de-stress process to have. Feel free to dance or sing along with your favorite songs. Let the music flow through you.

Get Artistic

Release your inner artist and find an outlet to create something that will help you deflect negative emotions. Paint on a canvas, sketch in a notebook, write poetry or play an instrument. Use any available channel to express your inner emotions.


Sometimes giving back and getting that warm feeling from doing something good is all you need to cheer up. You could volunteer at a local hospital to read to sick patients, you could walk dogs for a local pound, or you could even volunteer at a homeless shelter. Get out there and do some good and you will feel good.

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