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Wellness Tips Wednesday: Cooking

Posted on : June 7, 2017

When cooking, there are methods of substitution that could help maintain your long-term health. Choose the healthier route for a more enjoyable and active lifestyle.

Beware of Butter

Instead of using butter when cooking, try to use olive oil as a substitute. Dipping bread in oil instead of butter equals a total amount of 52 less calories.


Use herbs and spices to add more flavors to your foods. Certain herbs are capable of easing digestion, promoting memory retention and curb appetite. They are healthier to use than high sodium foods.

Include Cinnamon in your Breakfast

Cinnamon consumed early in the morning could help reduce insulin resistance, lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood fats. Overall, cinnamon helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Eat the Basics

It’s always better to eat food in its most natural form, which means fruits and vegetables. Get rid of or slow down on the consumption of prepackaged foods and artificial sugars.

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