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Janice Dickinson Sues Rite Aid for Negligence

Posted on : November 15, 2013

Janice Dickinson Sues Rite Aid for Negligence

Janice Dickinson is a model, photographer, author, and talent agent –but in July of this year she became a victim of negligence. Dickinson claims that, while in Beverly Hills, she was struck in the head by a steel parking gate. She said the blow to the head knocked her onto the ground, resulting in a knee injury. The steel barrier that hit her was located in the parking lot adjacent to a Rite Aid store.

After seeking treatment at the UCLA Medical Centre, Janice Dickinson was told that she actually suffered a concussion. Now, Dickinson has decided to file a lawsuit against both Rite Aid and the parking lot company. Dickinson is claiming that Rite Aid was negligent and “failed to adequately inspect, maintain, or control the premises.” Janice Dickinson is seeking justice and compensation for her medical expenses, loss of wages, and unspecified damages. She even posted a photo onto her Instagram page that shows her leaving the UCLA Medical Centre in a wheelchair.

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