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12th Annual Art Basel is Here

Posted on : December 4, 2013

12th Annual Art Basel is Here

Every year, Art Basel brings together thousands of artists, musicians, curators, collectors, and art lovers in general, providing a week full of exhibits, talks, installations and performances. This year, Art Basel takes place from December 5th-8th. Art Basel in general is spread throughout three cities: Miami Beach, Hong Kong, and Basel, Switzerland. In 2012, about 50,000 international visitors attended Art Basel.
In Miami Beach, there will be around 260 galleries from 31 countries showcasing 8 different sectors of art: Galleries, Nova, Edition, Positions, Kabinett, Magazine, Public and Film, each highlighting a distinct realm of the art world. Art Basel’s main venue is the Miami Beach Convention Center’s exhibition space but spreads throughout all of Miami, offering talks, film debuts, outdoor exhibitions, and even a music festival called Basel Castle.
Art Basel is a huge event in the art world. It’s key in promoting international artists and aiding in the general expansion of artists, whether they’re emerging or well known. Because of this, you’ll find a wide range of works (paintings, drawings, films, photography, sculptures, etc.) that vary from inexpensive to multimillion dollar pieces. Not only do locals join in on the fun, but many international visitors as well as celebrities make it a point to find their way to the Miami area during Art Basel. Among the celebrities expected to make an appearance this year are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Chris Bosh and Marc Anthony.
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