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New Car, New You – The Basics

Posted on : January 3, 2019

If you didn’t know what time of the year you should get a car, the time is now! Talk about an amazing holiday present. Most dealership have a quota they have to reach by the time the year is over. Since we only have a few weeks left, you can negotiate a new car for a nice price. If this will be your first car, you’re going to start off 2019 with a nice ride. Do you know how to take care of it? Here are a few things you need to know to keep your car happy for years to come.

Maintain Your Car

We know people hate reading handbooks (too much information, so little time). We understand. However, to keep your vehicle up and running well the owner’s manual should have a maintenance schedule. This schedule would tell you how many times to make oil changes, tire rotations and more. It is suggested to follow this schedule rather than from a mechanic since they will most likely as you to come in more often.

Keeping It Clean

Washing the exterior is important. You would have to get all the stains and dirt as soon as you can. They can easily stick to your car and leave markings on your paint. However, cleaning the interior sometimes get overlooked. It is as important as your exterior. You wouldn’t want your car to be a dump! Clean it out of extra garbage every day and vacuum the interior at least once a month. If you see any stains, take it out as soon as possible to keep out the critters away.

Keep It Cool

Never overheat your car. It calls for a breakdown. You should try to keep the temperature balance, and how people are doing this is with antifreeze or coolant. There are products that have both and can be used for your car. Once poured in your radiator, it will not only prevent the car from overheating, but it will also prevent corrosion and heat transfer. Sometimes we don’t think what happens under the hood of our car. However, that’s where it needs more care.

These three tips can help the new car run for years on. Keep riding in style while driving safe on the road.

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