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What You Need To Remember In 2019: Road Safety Edition

Posted on : December 27, 2018

The holidays are almost coming to an end. Hanukkah ended, Christmas has passed and Kwanzaa just begun – but in a few weeks it’s back to reality. News Years Eve is just a week away reminding us if we actually kept up with our 2018 resolutions. If you haven’t, we’re not judging – most of us forget. But instead of putting “hitting the gym” on your list of resolutions, why not put safe driving? Majority of people drive to and from work every single day. So it wouldn’t be hard to keep up with it. You don’t want us to remind you the number one reason cause of death, now do you? Here are a few reminders to keep you safe on the road.

  1. No Texting While Driving: We know communication is key – however, your life is important. Even if you’re a pro multitasker, we do not recommend breaking this year. This can damage your lifestyle or other people you are sharing the road with.
  2. NEVER drive drunk: this has to be stressed enough! If you feel impacted from alcohol or other drugs – do not grab the wheel. In order to drive safely your mind has to be all in it. And if you think you’ll forget what happened last night, then that’s a sign not to get yourself in the driver seat.
  3. Use your turn signal: We know it’s not common for Floridians to use their signals – but it’s imperative and it’s the law. Plus, it helps when we are all stuck in traffic. You know what sucks about being stuck in traffic? Missing your exit because you didn’t use your turn signal and couldn’t get through.
  4. Check your blind spots: When we think no one is there, there is. Make sure to take a second to look back and check your sides before merging. You can avoid a crash just by that second on the road.
  5. Driving Behavior: If you’re tired, you need to rest. If you are angry, you need to take a breather. Our moods will show on the road. People tend to drive faster or reckless when they are angry or tired. If it helps to pull over to the side of the road to take a moment for yourself, then do so.

We are sure this is easy to take control of. You just have to have it on the back of your head. So remember these tips for 2019.

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