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Road Disaster Recap Pt.2

Posted on : April 25, 2019

What has happened in April other than spring showers and growing flowers?  Let’s take it to the road. It’s not as bright as it used to be. Clouds are hovering over the sun filled with raindrops that create rainbow puddles that are a hazard to drivers. Slippery roads can lead to car crashes and accidents. You have to be vigilant when you’re driving on the road. You never know what situations will come your way.

Disastrous Domino Effect

In the East side of Detroit, there was a six-car crash that was a result of a poorly performed drug deal. A mile from the crash scene the drug deal was being held. However, the two men involved decided to steal the drugs, the money and run. They used an escalade to escape – but as gunshots were triggered, they crashed into a car that created a row of crushed vehicles and injured citizens. It didn’t stop them. They climbed out of the window and continued running. Since the crash created a scene, bystanders and neighbors helped police catch the two culprits and the dealer that was on the chase.

Argument Gone Wrong

Skye Bacon was driving on Boston Boulevard, minding her own business when a vehicle struck her car. After pulling to the side to check her vehicle, she had no time to defend herself. A woman got out of the other car screaming at her, and without any hesitation started beating Skye. Skye told television stations that two women and a man were involved in her assault. Her blood vessels burst in her eye – leading for her to receive stitches. She’s just happy that her children weren’t in the car. The police are still investigating the case.

Jefree Star Cosmetics Fights Through Crashes

In lighter news, Taryn Elise was involved in a car accident that totaled her mini cooper. She tweeted about her experience on Twitter. On her tweet, she expresses how curious she is about her Jefree Star lipstick holding up versus her actual car. As shown by the photos on her profile, there are lipstick stains on her airbag, but no stain or smudge on her face. Her whole face was still glowing after the accident! Even though her car is still facing renovation, Taryn has assured her followers that she is okay and doing well.


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