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Hosting an Easter Party?

Posted on : April 19, 2019

Easter is coming up this weekend. If you’re hosting, you need to know a couple of things to keep your attendees safe – especially the kids. We listed a few advice you can take to keep the festive spirit up while keeping the safety risk low.

Egg Hunting

Egg hunting is fun – regardless of what age you are at. You never know what egg will hold the $10 bill everyone is looking for. The more eggs, the better – right? Hiding eggs can be the best part. It’s called a scavenger hunt for a reason! However, be aware of where you place the eggs. Some places may be too high or too difficult to reach for the smaller “hunters” who will participate. Think like a kid – if they can’t reach it, it’s probably a terrible location to place the egg.

First Aid On Site!

When hosting a party with children, you always have to be aware of the effects games can have. From egg races to hide-and-seek, you never know what the result will bring. It’s best to have a first aid kit in sight just in case a child gets a minor injury from having fun. First aid kits can also come in handy when they egg hunt! You never know when they’ll need a band-aid to cover up any minor booboos.

Kid Rules

The number one rule when hosting a party with kids is setting some ground rules. Most children love being active which is great – but you’ll need to find a balance between fun and safety. Set some ground rules for the kids (no running in the house or climbing on trees). This will let them know their boundaries and still create a fun environment.

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