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Walking During Spring Showers

Posted on : April 8, 2019

Spring will have its fair share of cloudy days- that is undeniable. With wet roads and sidewalks, people will easily track in water and dirt as they run inside to escape the rain or leave a trail of water from a wet umbrella. Either of these scenarios may cause someone to slip and fall and injure themselves. Take precautions during this spring season to avoid an accident and slippery floors.

Be Cautious of Puddles

Puddles can contain bacteria when heavy rain pours on streets. In high risk flood areas, water levels may rise to your ankles, soaking your feet entirely. When you are going to be treading through puddles, make sure you wear proper shoes to help keep your feet dry and protected. If your feet get soaked, make sure to remove your wet footwear as soon as possible, wash your feet and put some dry shoes on to avoid risk of a bacterial infection.

Slow Your Pace

When people are in a hurry, they tend to walk fast. Maybe they’re late for work or an appointment  – but since their minds are elsewhere, they forget to pay attention to their surroundings. After walking through the rain, your shoes can be wet and you may be too distracted to realize you are tracking water inside. This would create a slippery area. If you are walking too fast, it’s easy to slip and fall. Slow down and pay attention to prevent an accident.

Slip-Proof Shoes and Boots

Slip-proof shoes are perfect for rainy weather if you like walking outside (with an umbrella, of course). They have extra traction on their soles to stop you from losing your grip and slipping and falling. Keep in mind that even if the pavement tends to be dry by the time the rain stops, there can be a time when you accidentally slip on a wet spot inside that you didn’t notice.

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