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Technology to Prevent Accidents

Posted on : July 11, 2019

With driver assistance technology, accidents are less likely to occur, resulting in fewer injuries and fatalities after a car crash. At this point, there is technology to assist with a variety of accident-prone mishaps on the road. 

To begin, forward collision prevention triggers the emergency brake and alerts the driver before rear-ending another car or hitting a pedestrian when a collision is imminent. On the flip-side of this technology is rear automatic braking. This feature assists the driver in backing up safely without causing a crash by engaging the brakes and alerting the driver if pedestrians or another car is detected. 

Lane assist and blind spot assist will help keep you from veering into the next lane or even prevent a crash due to blind spots. When lane assist is in use, the program helps keep your car centered in your lane with the help of sensors.

Driver assistance technology also helps with maintaining safe distances between cars, especially while stuck in a traffic jam to ensure safety and avoid crashes. 

While not every car is up-to-date with this kind of technology, it is helpful and, according to the NHTSA, has decreased car accident fatalities by 86%, reduced rates of injuries by 24%, and has decreased actual crashes by 18%. If you’re thinking of getting into a new car soon, be sure to ask about driver assistance technology. 

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