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Top 3 Jobs That Can Cause An Injury

Posted on : September 4, 2018

Do you ever think to yourself if going to work will do you any harm? Even the most tedious jobs can cause injury, believe it or not. From working in an office, a construction site and even the mall – you may experience situations that can cause you pain. Employers are obligated to protect their employees from becoming injured. They are required to obtain insurance and workers’ compensation. Did you know that there are more than 4,000 injuries that occur in the U.S? The most common injuries are burns, fractures and sprains. Even though you can find accidents in any work environment here are a few jobs that have been voted as the top working environments that can cause an injury.

  1. Logging workers: Would it be a surprise to you that lumberjacks suffer the most deaths in America? Statistics state that in 2016 about 90 death occurred in the logging industry. Even though this job has been going on for years, the working conditions are more dangerous than those who use a machine. These workers have to endure inclement weather and incredible weights that can cause minor to fatal injuries. The terrain they work on can also take effect because the ground can be rough and unstable.
  2. Farmers and Agricultural Managers: Agricultural is making its way to the top as one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Even though farming is an old profession, new technology takes a toll as workers use heavy machinery that can be hazardous to their health. With extended hours, inclement weather conditions and different levels of terrain has become difficult for workers to avoid dangerous situations. That’s why it is important for workers to be aware of when other people are around and pay close attention to machinery. It’s important to conduct maintenance on equipment and go through safety protocols.
  3. Truck and Sale Drivers: These drivers suffered about 900 deaths in 2016 and is ranked as the job with the highest amount of fatalities. Accidents occur while transporting, lifting weights and operating equipment. With loading, unloading and keeping up with maintenance — these drivers can suffer a minor injury. However, driving in inclement weather can be hazardous to both the truck driver and those within proximity. Sometimes, these drivers can’t see or hear other vehicles besides them. The weight and size of their vehicle takes a toll on their vision – ultimately causing accidents to others around them.

Just because it’s not listed, doesn’t me you can suffer from an injury at your job. Be mindful of what can be dangerous in your workplace even if it’s just a minor injury.

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