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What not to do on the road

Posted on : February 25, 2020

We live in a world of distractions and are constantly on-the-go. This is why it’s so important to be alert and aware while driving, 411-PAIN drivers! After all, you are in a sea of other drivers and pedestrians. If we protect ourselves, we can prevent others from being involved in a car accident.

Here are a few tips on what to AVOID while driving:

  1. Texting and Driving: This is a no-brainer, has recently reached illegality in some states, and is a leading cause of car accidents and injuries. More importantly, texting and driving in a school zone can be an even higher risk. Children are unaware of their surroundings when rushing to school and some even cross the crosswalk while they are texting themselves! Stay alert!
  2. Drinking and Driving: Another no-brainer! Because when you’re drinking and driving or using any drug substance prior to driving, you have little access to your rational brain! Drunk driving has resulted in countless fatalities and is a prime example of what NOT to do while on the road. Not only is it illegal, it puts you and others around you at risk. 
  3. Honking All The Time: Honking your horn immediately after the light turns green may startle the driver in front of you and may lead to an accident. Honking is usually used as a tool for defensive driving, not for when you’re in a rush.
  4. Driving When Sleepy: Getting enough rest and being alert enough to start your commute is essential for staying awake while on the road. Drowsy driving is even more of a risk than drunk driving- and that says a lot!
  5. Glamming Up: Putting on makeup is a distraction and is something that should be done before or after driving. Makeup is a precise art and one mistake while driving could cost you more than a tube of mascara.
  6. Speeding & Driving Erratically: The speed limit is posted for a reason and is to be considered especially during inclement weather. Even if you are running late, it is never okay to speed and can get you into serious trouble with the police.
  7. Skipping the Seatbelt: Not wearing your seatbelt can result in ejection from your vehicle if you are to get into an accident. Check out our blog post on seatbelts here

Before you get into your car, understand that the power to contribute a healthy driving example to others is in your hands. Take a deep breath and drive safely.

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