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What To Avoid While Cycling

Posted on : April 4, 2018

Many bikers probably know what they need for a safe bike ride. They need to make sure to have the right gear, wear the right attire and be alert whenever it’s time to get on the bike. Even with safety measures checked off on the list, do you know what to avoid or what to look out for when you are on the road? In an article from CBS news, each year cycling-related injuries send more than 500k to the hospital and about 700 people dead. To prevent any causes that can lead to this fate here is some advice.

While biking, try avoiding intersections.
These wide intersections can be dangerous. Most of the cars do not keep in mind of cyclists sharing the road. Right turn lanes are a prominent spot for accidents. Therefore, make sure to reduce the speed and pay attention to the cars around.

Crosswalks are similar too intersections.
When it comes to crosswalk, there is a high-risk of a collision. Again, keep in mind, car drivers may not fully pay attention to the incoming cyclists. Slow down the speed. If you have headphones, make sure it’s placed at a low volume (or better yet, leave them at home). This will help you listen in on any cues of incoming cars.

Potholes and other obstacles such as branches and debris can lessen your maneuvering skills and send you into a personal accident.
If worse comes to worse, it can also ruin your bike. You may lose concentration because you are tired or hungry. Food is like fuel when you bike. Don’t rethink of taking a break in a safe area before pedaling on.

At night, it’s more difficult because it’s hard for other vehicles to be aware of cyclists. It is recommended to avoid riding during dark hours. But if need too, remember to place reflector lights in front and behind your bicycle and wear reflective gear to be more visible.

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