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When Should I Replace My Vehicle’s Brakes?

Posted on : July 13, 2017

Your vehicle’s brakes are a key part to keeping you safe while on the road. Without proper functioning brakes, you could easily find yourself in a vehicle accident. Many drivers are aware that their vehicle’s brakes do not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. So when should you replace your brakes? We have the answer for you by discussing a few factors that contribute to the condition of your brakes.


Where you drive your vehicle largely determines how long your brakes will last. Those who drive on hills or in congested cities will need brakes sooner than someone who drives on flat roads with little stops. The more you must use your brakes on a daily basis, the quicker they will need replacement.

Brake Material

Every brand of brakes is made of different materials. Some cars are made of metal or steel, while others are carbon-ceramic. Though carbon-ceramic brakes last longer, they are much more expensive than standard metal brakes. Mechanics will typically recommend the best brakes for your vehicle. Make sure to pay attention to brake brands as well. You want to make sure the brakes are suitable for your car year and model.

Driving Habits

The way you drive your vehicle plays a huge factor in your brake’s life. For those who speed more often will find themselves needing brakes sooner. If you find yourself making hard or short stops often, your brakes and pads will start to wear away. For those who have a lighter foot on the brake petal, may get a larger life out of their brakes compared to others.

Signs to Know When Your Brakes Need Replacement:

Most vehicles do not need a brake replacement till they reach up to 50,000 miles. Of course, this is not the same for every vehicle. The factors listed above determine how long your brakes will last before replacement. There are a few clear signs you will experience and can do to know when your brakes need replacement. If you experience any of these factors listed, get your brakes replaced as soon as possible to avoid getting into a vehicle accident

Loud Screeching When You Brake

This sign is hard to miss as it creates a high pitch screeching noise. Every time you go to press on the brake you will hear this noise. If the noise continues to get worse, it is time to change your brakes.

Pulsing or Rough Braking

When you press on your brakes you may feel the car stopping roughly. You will feel the noticeable difference between a car with brakes in good condition and one with brakes that are in bad condition. This most likely means that your rotors are warped, so you should bring it to a mechanic as soon as possible. If your brakes can’t stop, you will risk rear ending another car.

Ask Mechanic to Check Brakes During Regular Maintenance 

When you go for your regular oil change and tire rotation, ask the mechanic to check your brakes as well. Mechanics can easily see what condition the rotors are in and how much of the brake pads are left. From there, they will be able to determine how much longer your brakes will function safely. It is better to get a professional opinion and be aware you need brakes, instead of ignoring it till you get into an accident

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