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World Health Day and Current Health Issues

Posted on : April 6, 2018

what-are-current-health-issues-worldhealthday_path_webWhen you get sick, doesn’t it feel like everyone else follows?

The same concept goes for the world. Whatever happens in one part of the planet can spread epidemically. The World Health Organization (WHO) established World Health Day on April 7. World Health Day initially started in the 1950s to honor WHO for its purpose of spreading the importance of global health. According to WHO, “At least half of the world’s people do not receive the essential health care services they need.”

“Health for All”

For decades, the WHO’s motto has remained “Health for All.” Since this year is the 70th anniversary, the organization wants to act upon the universal health coverage (UHC) for all countries to enable them for the services needed for their people. UHC helps with people’s life expectancy and protects the community from epidemics. 2017 was not one of the years that America faced a disease epidemic. That doesn’t mean America can’t be affected by worldly diseases. In recent years, The U.S. had to deal with preventing the spread of Zika, Ebola, and the H1N1 virus.

How about the rest of the world?

To make it short—last year Yemen was fighting the cholera disease–leaving half a million affected and more than a thousand dead. Madagascar recently experienced a plague including cases of pneumonic plague, bubonic plague, and septicemic plague. Even though it doesn’t seem surprising to most, health professionals were a concern since the area affected was far from the usual radius that receives an epidemic. Additionally, Syria’s people have been fighting their own civil war, but what came with it was the spread of the polio disease leaving about 70 children paralyzed.

Universal health coverage

According to the World Health Organization, universal health coverage can help decrease the poverty rate in most countries – since poverty diseases are a factor. In 2018, WHO is hoping to “inspire, motivate and guide” universal health stakeholders to focus on their mission to advance the health of all people. Like their website states – according to their Director-General, “No one should have to choose between death and financial hardship. No one should have to choose between buying medicine and buying food.”

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