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Do Unlicensed Drivers Cause More Accidents?

Posted on : March 30, 2012

Studies have shown that unlicensed drivers contribute to a greater number of car accidents than licensed drivers do. In California alone, it is estimated that approximately 70,000 people are currently driving without a license. Considering that California is just 12% of the entire United States population, these are extremely alarming figures. States with a larger volume of illegal immigrants are more likely to have a greater number of unlicensed drivers. For example, California, Texas, New York, and Florida are states highly populated with illegal immigrants. These states also tend to have higher accident rates.

A car accident can completely disrupt a person’s life. If your vehicle is damaged during the accident, you may have little or no available transportation. This can significantly limit one’s ability to work and if you are injured in an accident, you may not be able to work at all. It is important to have access to proper medical services and legal advice during times like this. 411 Pain, for example, is a medical and legal referral service located throughout the nation. They have been in business for over 15 years and their main goal is to return your life as closely back to normalcy as possible after you have had an accident. 411 Pain will put you in contact with the top doctors in your area who specialize in your particular injury. They will also make sure you have transportation to and from the doctor visits. 411 Pain may help you recover benefits and lost wages, whether you were at fault or not. Driving is becoming increasingly more dangerous. In the unfortunate event that you do become involved in a car accident, remember that 411 Pain has your back! If you or someone you know is injured in a car accident, Call Path at 1-800-411-PAIN today!

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