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Parking Garage Safety Tips

Posted on : September 14, 2021

Everyone knows the importance of staying safe while driving on roads. But what about parking garages? You may come across a parking garage in your day-to-day life, such as the airport, the mall, or even your work office. While these parking areas may not seem dangerous due to their lower speed limits, there are still plenty of accidents that can occur. Parking garages can get packed during busy times like weekends and holidays, which can increase your odds of getting into an accident in one of these structures.

Just like there are safety rules for the road that we should all follow, there are rules we should always obey when using a parking garage. The next time you find yourself parking in one, remember these safety tips to keep yourself and your vehicle safe:

Avoid Distractions

The slower posted speed limits inside parking garages can be deceptive. It can cause some people to let their guard down and be more likely to start using their phones while driving. Even if it’s something simple like setting up your GPS to route you to your next location, don’t allow yourself to get distracted!

There are tons of tight corners and blind spots in a parking garage that can come upon you quickly. The last thing you’d want is to only have a second or two to react to a pedestrian or another car that suddenly appears in your way. Just because the speed limits are lower doesn’t make it ok. Always wait until you are safely parked in a spot before using your phone again.

Watch for Pedestrians

Depending on the area you drive in, you may not have to deal with very many pedestrians while driving. This is different in a parking garage, where there are going to be tons of pedestrians walking from their vehicle to the main location the garage is connected to.

Keep an extra eye out for pedestrians, as there will likely be many stop signs and crosswalks in any parking garage you find yourself in. Especially in parking garages with less than ideal lighting conditions, you’ll want to drive safe and slow to ensure the safety of the pedestrians around you.

Pull Through (If Possible)

One of the most common accidents in a parking garage occurs when a driver is attempting to back out of their parking spot and accidentally hit another car or pedestrian that was in their blind spot. Parking garages are especially dangerous in this regard considering the tight parking spaces, blind spots, and poor lighting conditions.

It may not always be possible, but if it is, you should always consider pulling through to the next parking spot in front of you. That way, you won’t have to worry about backing out and potentially getting hit because of a blind spot.

Slow Down & Follow Directions

When you transition from driving on the road to driving in a parking garage, you might not fully realize how fast you’re going due to the difference in speeds. Always strictly follow the posted speed limits around the garage, or even consider driving slower than that to be on the safe side.

Parking garages also typically have many kinds of signage, such as stop signs, yield signs, directional arrows, crosswalks, and more. As a driver, you should always respect these because they exist to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe.

Know-How to Handle an Accident

Even if you are as cautious as possible, you still might find yourself in an accident. If you find yourself in this scenario, stay calm and react as you normally would in any type of accident. After sorting out the situation with the other driver and police, remember to call 411-PAIN. 411-PAIN services are there for any type of accident.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a careless or reckless driver and has been injured, call 1-800-411-PAIN and get the help you need! We will refer you to the attorneys that will fight to get you the compensation you deserve and the medical attention you need. If you have been hurt in an accident, call 1-800-411-PAIN, and we will guide you in finding you the best medical and legal professionals.

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